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Prior to starting this strip, I had drawn another comic strip years ago, using the same characters but about a different subject altogether.

I spent years as a dating coach for men, and continue to do so. As I helped more and more people, I began wanting to have a creative outlet to show some of the funnier sides of dating, from the perspective of how men AND women experience it.

I hadn’t drawn comics regularly in years, in part because drawing on paper takes a long time. Getting it to look right means drawing straight lines without your hand shaking, drawing in pencil first so you won’t mess up, then tracing over it in pen and STILL praying you don’t mess up. It can be very tedious, and can also start to hurt your hands after a while.

A couple years ago I learned about web comics, as well as various programs I could download to create digital comics. The big motivator for me was when I found out Apple’s iPad had an app you could download called “Procreate” that, combined with their newly released Apple Pen, made drawing things like straight lines, circles, and coloring a much faster process.

After looking at many YouTube videos to make sure I’d be able to do this the way I wanted to do it, I went on Craig’s list and bought an iPad/Apple Pen combo. This was the first comic I drew upon testing out the Procreate application. I liked how it came out, and decided, “Sure, let’s try and make a series out of this!”

– Harry Wilmington
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