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I met this woman on an online dating app and took her out on a date. We had a great time, so a few days later I asked her for a second one.

I wanted to make it a surprise as to what we were doing and where we were going. I gave her the time of day I’d pick her up and told her what to wear. She asked me where I was taking her; I told her it was a surprise, but that she’d have a good time.

She went along with it, and on the day of I picked her up. While en route, I told her where we were going (downtown) and what we were doing (dancing). A huge sigh of relief came out of her, followed by an explanation: “Usually when I’m going on dates I tell one of my girl friends where I’m at, who I’m with, and what we’re doing. That way, if anything happens to me – no offense to you, of course – they know what I was doing.”

That’s when it hit me: as a man, I’ve literally NEVER HAD TO EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING THIS KIND OF THING.

Women have all kinds of experiences with men that threaten their safety, to the point that they have to take self-protection classes, carry all kinds of crazy items on them to help them get away should a man get too aggressive…. and even THEN, they’re still at risk of being yelled at, hit, or left stranded should she not give into whatever kinds of advances he wants during the evening.

Meanwhile, us men are wondering why a woman we just met may not want to go home with us right away, or get physical immediately. This comic is my attempt at humorously showing the kinds of prep women often go through just prior to going on a date with a new guy.
– Harry Wilmington
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