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I actually started drawings for many of these strips ten years ago!

I was working on a project that was going to have a comic strip element to it. As we were gearing up to launch it, I was told it would be a good idea to have at least 100 comics already drawn up, so that’s what I did.

For these particular comics, the main character – Phil – was going to be the guy that was always failing with women and constantly getting rejected. When the project went south due to various conflicts, I tucked all the comics away in a folder somewhere and just held onto them…

Fast-foward to this year: when I decided to put this comic strip online, the first thing I did was go through my old comics to see if any of them were still funny to me. Many of them still were, so many of the first few comic strips you’ll read are actually from this original set, only now much better looking and in color.

As the strip goes along, you’ll also notice that I didn’t feel like having to stick to the idea of Phil NEVER getting a date. For one, a lot of his experiences dating are based off of my own. In the beginning, I was horrible at dating, which is reflected in the strips where he gets rejected. However, over time I got better at it and wanted to be able to capture those experiences as well.

And two, I find there are just as many funny things about being successful in dating as there are in being bad at it.

Lastly, this strip introduces another female, “Jasmyn.” Many of the names used in the comic are either based on family members’ names or womens’ names that I’ve come across a lot in my life. I’ve met so many “Jasmine’s” over the years and felt it would be a good name to use, albeit with a different spelling.

Jasmyn is also the only character in the comic strip who is of mixed race. My niece, Peyton, is a mixed child, and I wanted her to be able to see herself represented in some way should she ever be allowed to read this strip – preferably when she’s older, lol

– Harry Wilmington
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