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Like I mentioned in yesterday’s comic, I wanted to show a diverse set of African-American characters in my comic strip. Here, we have another example of a character I haven’t really seen in comics too much – an albino woman named Sally. (The guy’s name is “Charlie,” named after the teddy bear I had as a kid. Plus, I had a cousin and a 2nd cousin named “Charles.”)

Note: for these various diversities, I don’t tend to really make mention of them in the comics. I like to think these characters already know each other (thus having gotten past the odd intro questions like “why are you so light??” or “why do you have a boy’s name when you’re a woman??) so they can be treated as normal – which they are.

Anyway… as for the subject matter, women’s memories tend to be much better than men’s, especially when it comes to any wrongdoing done on the man’s part.  Lord knows when I’m in relationships how often I’ve been reminded in future arguments about something I did months or years prior that I’ve already forgotten about!

– Harry Wilmington
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