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There’s always a debate about who should pay when going on a first date. I would (and continue to) pay for any first date that I initiated, or pay half on dates where the woman made the first move.

Still, there was a part of me that wondered why it is men were the ones that were expected to pay, especially given how much some of these first dates can cost.

At some point, I learned from a woman all the prep they go through to make the best first impression on a date that they possibly can – and man oh man does it get pricey!

Womens accessories – even the low-end ones – are usually much more expensive than mens are. Sure, we may spend $150 to $200 on a date (which, for the record, I don’t recommend), but a woman may spend that much on a new outfit alone, not including hair, make up, smell goods, etc.

I wanted to illustrate this in a comic form, and thus this 1-panel joke was born!

The characters shown in this panel are Susie and Phil, who is the male character most often used in this series.

– Harry Wilmington
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