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Get it?? It’s a “Blind Date” ’cause the woman is blind?? Ha!

But seriously… when creating this comic strip I wanted to have a display of a diverse group of women. All of the characters are African-American, but oftentimes we get pigeoned into certain stereotypes and features, and I wanted to expand that outlook. Thus, I thought it would be cool to have a blind woman be a regular part of the cast of characters!

The blind woman’s name is Alexis, which is also the name of one of my cousin’s. The guy with the curly hair is named Justin, which is my brother’s middle name. Yeaaaah… coming up with names for characters is hard, so it’s easy to pick names that are familiar so you won’t forget them. Hey, it worked for Matt Groening when he created “The Simpsons,” right??

– Harry Wilmington
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